Unsung Heroes: Animals in War
16 May 2024

Unsung Heroes: Animals in War

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

SPEAKER:  Philip Whitemore

Philip Whitemore was born in Bath, graduated from Birmingham University, and spent thirty years in the Royal Signals, mostly in Germany. Retiring from the army he joined BT Syntegra as a consultant, and managed the construction and running of an Information Systems and Communications test house at Blandford Camp.

This is the sometimes heartrending story of the horses, mules, pigeons, dogs, and even a cat and a pig, that served the Armed Forces in wartime – from ancient times, through two World Wars and the Cold War, to recent conflicts in the Middle East.  Millions of animals and birds died, and this story hopes to show that they were valued, cared for, and have been recognised with awards and memorials.