England’s Civil War: The Battle of Marlborough, 1642

The Marlborough History Society has sponsored an exciting new book, co-authored by MHS Committee members Nick Baxter and Sara Holden. It is the first book ever published about Marlborough’s experience during the English Civil War of 1642.

Battle of Marlborough

Marlborough at War With the King is a work of historical fiction. It is told through the eyes of two young people and deals with the fortnight in 1642 which led up to the attack on the Town of Marlborough by the Royalist forces, the fighting itself, and the sad aftermath.

It is a book for the whole family. It is designed to appeal to young readers from 8 years upward but contains such a wealth of historic detail that it will also be of interest to adults.

Thanks to financial support from the Marlborough History Society and the Hamilton Trust, copies are being offered free of charge to local schools. They are also available from retail outlets including the White Horse Bookshop at a cover price of £5.99 and can also be obtained direct from the publisher, email saraholden22@gmail.com to buy your copy.

Old Lion Publishing
4 Old Lion Court, High Street
Marlborough, SN8 1HQ
(01672) 515370