The WWI War Memorials

Mary Spender

In early 2018, as a fitting tribute to the fallen of WW1, we decided to start a project on the WWI War Memorials in the Marlborough area (defined as those villages currently forming the Marlborough Area Board within Wiltshire County Council). The objective was to assemble current photos, include any local research available, both on the names of the fallen and the memorials themselves.

Axford War Memorial

Axford: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

Research was undertaken into the names on both the WWI memorials in Axford and Ramsbury. The Axford memorial can be found at the entrance...

Baydon church clock that is dedicated to the memory of those who fell

Baydon: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

The clock on the tower of St Nicholas Church, Baydon is dedicated to the memory of those local men who fell during WWI. The memorial plaque can...

Broad Hinton War Memorial

Broad Hinton: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

The Broad Hinton WWI memorial plaque can be found in St Peter Ad Vincula Chruch, Broad Hinton. Research on the ten names listed on this plaque...

East Kennett War Memorial

East Kennett: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

The East Kennett memorial can be found on the north wall inside Christ Church, East Kennett.  Research on the nine names listed on the plaque...

Froxfield WWI Memorial

Froxfield: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

The Froxfield WWI war memorial is situated in the grounds of All Saints Church, Froxfield. Written in metal lettering on the two-stepped stone...

Fyfield Lych Gate

Fyfield: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

The Fyfield Lych Gate, that was built in memory of the twenty three men of Lockeridge, Fyfield and Overton who sacrificed their lives...

Preshute War Memorial

Preshute: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

A memorial was raised at Preshute as a permanent testament to the sacrifice made by the sixteen members of the local community who lost their...

Ramsbury War Memorial

Ramsbury: WWI War Memorial

Mary Spender

The citizens of Ramsbury decided, in April 1919, to build a War Memorial in memory of the men from the parish who lost their lives in the Great War...

Thanks to enormous help from eighteen villages and Marlborough College, we managed to complete our project by October 2018 which was in time for many special local commemorations on 11th November.

During the project, we located memorial halls, church plaques, stone crosses, two lychgates and a clock! And we even had sent contemporary photographs of the scenes at the dedication services. The latter are to be found faithfully recorded in local newspapers, and we have uploaded a few.  We are happy to include any further research that may be done, please get do in touch for more information.