Marlborough’s Hidden Places
16 May 2024

Marlborough’s Hidden Places

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

SPEAKER:  Bob Holman

Bob Holman has lived in Marlborough for a number of years and is a semi-retired coffee shop owner (The Food Gallery). After discovering the incredible capabilities of his iPhone camera, he has developed a passion for black and white photography.

Bob Holman is a local photographer who has discovered that there is a wealth of historical features that belong to Marlborough which have been hidden away over the years. A project developed to find and capture on his iPhone what has been hidden away. He has searched for dungeons, sewers and underground storage areas. The original plan was to try and plot a kind of subterranean map of the ‘alleyways’ underneath Marlborough, following the unearthing of one some years ago. Recently, he photographed an abandoned oven at the Castle and Ball Hotel in the High Street, where he crawled through a small hole in the building to find it as staff waited outside. Bob said: “It was very dark, very quiet and damp in there. I wouldn’t say I was scared but it is quite a strange feeling. There was definitely a ‘presence’ down there!”.